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  • Featured product at the Vitafood Europe 2022 Tasting Centre

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  • Identifying a regulatory framework for LCD and VLCD products sold in the UK

    BACKGROUND: The regulatory void left by the ongoing BREXIT implementation had made it difficult for UK wellness brands to identify clear guidelines for their ever popular LCD and VLCD products. Ensuring that sound guidelines are used in the formulation and utilization of such products is a growing concern amongst brands seeking compliance during such transitory times. The following decision chart aims at summarizing the regulatory classifications available as per FAO's CODEX and EU's directives, as well as the basis of their selection: REGULATORY REFERENCES TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT: DECISION TREE: As European manufacturers we provide : - If weight-loss claims are needed: Product lines of EU MR/MRP (1 or 2 portions/ meal) - If a complete replacement of food intake comes from your products: EU TDR lines. - If no weight-loss claims are needed: Fortified products are available within the context of a balanced food-based meal plan, Codex CXS 203-1995 compliant products are available. These products are available as part of our product catalogue and we look forward to further discussing this with you. Regardless of the products, the following should be noted: -Regular medical supervision should always apply to weight-loss programs. -Strict adhesion to health/ weight-loss claims according to the regulations - We always recommend referring to local regulatory authorities for a product compliance confirmation. - Should regulatory requirements evolve , we are available for formulation updates -CODEX CXS 203-1995 is recognized as the predecessor to numerous MR regulations worldwide.

  • Organic Food Products Design and Manufacture: Not just an afterthought

    Offering consistent and sustainable organic products is the result of years of commitment and strategic sourcing; far from just being a “good-to-have” it has earned its place as a pillar of innovation for Bariatrix Europe. Thanks to over 10 years of painstaking work and collaboration with ingredient suppliers, we can now offer our customers a wide array of organic products. Manufacturing high-protein fortified low-sugar organic products is not just a matter of going through the motion of site certification and related QA adjustments, it’s also not just a question of “changing the cleaning products” or “adding the logo”. It’s first and foremost a thorough ingredient search and testing in the hopes of understanding the constantly evolving organic ingredients offering as well as how their functionalities and attributes compare to well-established non-organic ones. Bariatrix Europe sufficiently understands organic proteins, fibres, and sweeteners to offer organic market-relevant high protein products capable of competing with conventional products while meeting some of the strictest organic expectations. We sometimes go as far as manufacturing ourselves the organic ingredients we can’t find on the market. Bariatrix Europe’s organic product offering therefore includes products as diverse as: Bars- protein-rich clean label, gluten-free Chips/ Salty snacks- protein-rich clean label, gluten-free Powder Preparations- Protein-Rich, clean label Powder Preparations- Protein-Rich, Fortified Supplements - botanicals and vitamin/minerals What makes Bariatrix Europe a key contract-manufacturing partner for the design and manufacture of value-added nutritional products? Unique expertise in organic proteins Over 10 years of organic formulation and manufacturing experience Market-focused ingredient sourcing Stringent supplier selection World-recognized Organic Certifications

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  • Gluten free nutrition products - Bariatrix-Europe

    Free from allergens The contract manufacture of foods free from specific allergens is the result of extensive expertise ranging from a stringent raw material selection to the internal management of allergens, with the a perfect understanding of the ingredient functionality by R&D. Products rich in protein and devoid of certain allergens: When it comes to consumer well-being, it's all about thoroughness and attention to detail. Ingredient selection R&D Expertise Internal controls External controls Ingredient selection Bariatrix Europe's applied innovation involves rigorous sourcing of raw material suppliers. Several sources of protein can be used in the context of products free of gluten or other allergens: Legume Protein: Lentil protein, soybeans, beans, peas; Grain protein: Quinoa protein ; Other vegetable proteins: Pumpkin, almond, hazelnut. The supplier selection process also helps in minimizing the risk of cross-contamination in the supply chain. Bariatrix experience and know-how Découvrir

  • High protein products manufacturer - Bariatrix Europe | France

    Bariatrix Europe Your partner in nutrition and food innovation Design Development Contract Manufacturing Packaging Bariatrix Europe: Quality Standards Find out more Services Our 360-degree expertise supports you from product creation including its regulatory support and its delivery to destination. It also includes market-unique subcontracting capabilities. Services Products The wide range of Bariatrix Europe products is presented in detail: overview of nutritional profiles, marketing attributes and packaging options . Products Bariatrix Europe is a contract manufacturer of high protein products (bars, powders, sweet and salty snacks), dietary supplements, custom and private label meal replacements for over 40 years. News Product line Featured product at the Vitafood Europe 2022 Tasting Centre Regulatory Identifying a regulatory framework for LCD and VLCD products sold in the UK Expertise Organic Food Products Design and Manufacture: Not just an afterthought

  • Tendances marché produits nutritionels | Bariatrix-Europe

    Market trends For many years, Bariatrix Europe has also been able to anticipate new marketing trends. This is how our research and development departmen t has developed a whole range of nutritional products covering an array of these trends. Clean Label Vegan Keto Organic Bariatrix experience and know-how Découvrir

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