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Meal Replacement MRP Chili

Weight-loss meal replacements developed and manufactured in France

These weight-loss products are in constant exsolution both technologically and legally. Thanks to its international expertise, Bariatrix Europe has acquired real expertise in the development and design of tailor-made high-protein or low-calorie foods with a complete range of meal replacements.

Tailor-made slimming meal replacements

Bariatrix Europe will be happy to assist you in the design and manufacture of your custom meal replacements, sweet or savory. To this end, the development of private label meal replacements may be offered to you, including a range of protein sources as well as a variety of caloric, carbohydrate, lipid or fiber content:



Clean Label


With more than ten standard references, we are able to offer you a wide choice of meal replacements rich in protein and without sugars.

This standard range is also distinguished by the multiple protein sources (milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, caseins, soy protein isolates, pea protein isolates, micellar casein etc.) and lipids (sunflower oil , olive oil, chia oil, options without palm oil etc…).

Our solutions in detail:

Vegetable protein sources in meal replacements

Bariatrix experience and know-how

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