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Pasta High Protein

Bariatrix Europe, a true supplier of nutritional, healthy and balanced products by developing a complete range of protein-based pasta and rice to take away. These pasta products are easy to cook, great tasting and offer exceptional protein and fiber content.

Pasta and risoni

Producer of protein-rich pasta and rice

Rich in protein

Multiple products

Optimal shelf-life

Tailor-made packaging

Made-to-measure high-protein pasta and rice

Unlike traditional pasta with a high glycemic index, Bariatrix Europe's high protein pasta is ideal for increasing protein intake while reducing the amount of carbohydrate. Thanks to its international expertise, Bariatrix Europe has been able to develop a range of nutritious pasta and rice, rich in protein while guaranteeing exceptional cooking stability and a superior satiety effect. Thus, its R&D department is proud to contribute to the design and marketing of made-to-measure high-protein pastes regularly consumed in around fifty countries.

As part of a weight loss or maintenance diet, low-carb protein pasta and rice provide healthy meal complements.  As for all our product lines, standards are available and mainly stem from best-selling products, with  their al dente texture (fusilli or risoni), they are here to facilitate your choice of product allowing a faster speed to market as well as a simplified inventory management.

Their portion-packed packaging in a ready-to-cook pouch facilitates their use as easy-to-use products. 

Bolognaise pasta rich in protein

Bariatrix experience and know-how

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