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Free from allergens

The contract manufacture of foods free from specific allergens is the result of extensive expertise ranging from a stringent raw material selection to the internal management of allergens, with the a perfect understanding of the  ingredient functionality by R&D. 

Products rich in protein and devoid of certain allergens: 

When it comes to consumer well-being, it's all about thoroughness and attention to detail.

Ingredient selection

R&D Expertise

Internal controls

External controls

Ingredient selection

Bariatrix Europe's applied innovation involves rigorous sourcing of raw material suppliers. Several sources of protein can be used in the context of products free of gluten or other allergens:  

  • Legume Protein: Lentil protein, soybeans, beans, peas;

  • Grain protein: Quinoa protein  ; 

  • Other vegetable proteins:  Pumpkin, almond, hazelnut.

The supplier selection process also helps in minimizing the risk of cross-contamination in the supply chain. 

Allergen-free options with Bariatrix Europe

Bariatrix experience and know-how

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