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Nutritional product export and logistic

Regulatory and Export

Regulatory advice for compliance and export:
an integral part of your product development and our service as a contract manufacturer


From the start of your project, the Bariatrix Europe scientific team will be able to advise you in defining the specifications of your products.


The geographic and regulatory areas you target are taken into account from the onset of your specifications thus ensuring the compliance of ingredients, recipes and labeling specs.


Don't let problems with veterinary certificates and customs documents slow down your business, contact us!

The preparation of the documents necessary for the safe arrival of your products is part of our know-how. 


Our logistics partners are available for a perfect integration with your operational network. 

Export Territory

Our services  do not stop at our premises:  the logistics and quality assurance team  will guide you through the process of exporting to markets such as:

North America

United States, Canada, Mexico


United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy,

Sweden, Norway, Russia


Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Lebanon, Dubai, KSA


Singapore, Honk-Kong, Australia​

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