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Jar Plant Bariatrix Europe

Contract manufacturing & B2B services

Ingredient manufacturing

Ingredients manufacturing
Custom pre-mixes

Custom pre-mix, technical mixes

Food manufacturers can benefit from the technical expertise of the Bariatrix group for the creation of fortifying mixtures for your innovative products (proteins, fibers or other fortification).

Crisps, puffs and toppings (soy, whey or peas) 

Whether in 10Kg format  or in big bags of 100-200Kg it is possible for you to choose a packaging suitable to your manufacturing requirements. To know more visit our sister company:

Customized crisps and extruded puffs

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing
Intermediate Food Products

Intermediate Food Products   (IFP)

Our global expertise in subcontracting will be an asset for the preparation of intermediate food products (IFP) going to nutraceutical or food factories. 

Packaging in a nutraceutical environment

Custom package your product in a BRC environment with strict allergen control.

Clean-room packaging environment
Big Bag and super-sacs of proteins

Packaging of powder mixtures in bulk

Whether in 20-25Kg bag format or in big bags of 100-500Kg, you can adapt the packaging according to your manufacturing requirements.

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