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Research & Development Bariatrix Europe


Our team of biochemists and engineers prioritize scientific research and innovation for the development of high quality nutritional products, with formulations adapted to each client for optimal results.

In alignment with  current European and international regulations and while respecting good manufacturing practices, we offer you a very wide range of diversified products (varied shapes and textures, classic or original flavors, convenient packaging ), with finely crafted flavour profiles, suitable for commercialization in most countries.

With more than 40 years of research and development capacity, Bariatrix Europe carries a wide choice of standard products but also supports you in the design of your private label products. Our R&D will guide you in the selection of ingredients according to the context of use desired for the product as well as its regulatory framework. 

Bariatrix Europe is beyond a European market leader,  thanks to our international presence , we have been able to acquire a universal experience in the development, manufacture and packaging of nutritional products and  food supplements.

Innovations Bariatrix Group
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