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High Protein Chocolate Pudding

Protein powders

Despite being very common nowadays, protein powder preparations are constantly evolving thanks to consumer demand as well as technological developments. Cutting-edge expertise consists in mastering the technological challenges of these simple-looking products as well as the complex requirements brought forward by end-users.

Bariatrix Europe has been refining this expertise for more than 40 years and does not stop only in France. Its R&D team is proud to contribute to the design and marketing of hundreds of recipes for tailor-made high protein foods regularly consumed in around fifty countries.

Protein-rich powder preparations
Made in France

As part of a weight loss or maintenance diet, protein-rich preparations with a low sugar content are staples for  a calorie-controlled meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their wide range of choices and applications explain their success in a wide variety of segments such as weight-loss,  sport, wellness, specific nutritional needs  etc..



Wide range

Organic or Vegan


Bariatrix Europe will be happy to assist you in the design and manufacture of your custom protein powders, sweet or savoury.

The development of powders rich in proteins under private label can be offered to you with a variety of protein sources as well as caloric, carbohydrate, lipid or fiber content to choose from.Our know-how also allows us to offer you powders protein without certain allergens (gluten-free, or milk-free, or soy-free, etc.), with a list of ingredients reduced to what is strictly necessary.

Surprised by regulatory changes or sudden market trends?

Bariatrix Europe is here to offer you solutions in response to these changes. Our R&D in France and North America has a unique expertise capacity in the field of protein supplements and derived nutritional products.

Surprised by regulatory changes in food ?

Our ranges of powders:

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