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Vitamin Food Supplements

Food supplements developed and manufactured in France

Thanks to its international expertise, Bariatrix Europe has established itself as a true supplier of food supplements. Bariatrix Europe's success in this area is based on:


  • A watch of scientific studies of merit; 

  • Commercial monitoring of market trends; 

  • Proactive research aimed at optimizing the relationship between assets and results; 

  • Rigorous selection of active ingredient suppliers; 

  • Regular updating of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods; 

  • Rigorous mastery of European and American regulations

A food supplement must contain active ingredients in the right dose. The Bariatrix Europe team follows the principle of internal R&D “Real Effective Dose” or RED according to which each bio-active in a formulation must justify its presence in an effective dosage for the desired application: 

Tailor-made natural food supplements

Bariatrix Europe will be happy to assist you in the design and manufacture of your private label food supplements. To this end, the development of custom food supplements may be offered to you, including a choice and a selection of active ingredients according to the desired context of use as well as its regulatory application.




Our solutions in detail:

Vitamin nutritional supplements

Bariatrix experience and know-how

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