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Food Supplements capsules

Well-being food supplements in capsules 

Bariatrix Europe food supplements in galenic form in T0 format (approx.  500 mg) and T1 (approx 400 mg)  allow better absorption of nutrients by the oral route. We use many different active ingredients (algae, green tea, keratin ...) in order to establish new generation anti-stress food supplements.

Here are the main categories offered in our capsule range:


Thanks to the association of Echinacea, pelargonium and green propolis, Bariatrix Europe is able to offer you capsules based on plant active ingredients to maintain the body's natural defenses. 


 Echinacea, pelargonium,  green propolis, zinc, selenium, iron,  vitamin C, vitamin B2, probiotic mixture: L. plantarum LP02, L. Rhamnosus LR04 and B. Lactis BS01 .

Immune Capsules


As part of a slimming goal, several angles of attack are available to you:  the satietogenic option with blood sugar control, the herbal thermogenic option or the probiotic option promoting fat mass reduction. 

Actives :

Konjac glucomannan, piperine, kola nut powder,, naringin, hesperidin, powdered algae and vine extracts, chromium picolinate, Howaru Shape and B. Breve BR03 

Capsules for weight loss
Nutricosmetic capsules


Nutricosmetics is the application of micronutrition to the skin. Bariatrix Europe has developed oral supplementation solutions mixing many active ingredients to nourish the skin, hair and nails. 


Dry extracts:  Turmeric, black pepper, bamboo fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, melon concentrate, carrot juice, wheat phytoceramid, millet oil 
Minerals: Zinc, Selenium, Copper

Vitamin-Mineral Capsule


Provides 50% of the RDI in essential vitamins and minerals in forms whose bioavailability is increased thanks to piperine. 

Vitamines :


Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, group B

Minerals :


Iron, Zinc, Copper, Iodine, Molybdenum, Selenite, Manganese, Chromium.

Capsule for sports


Polyphenols from grapes and apples have a beneficial effect on antioxidant stress caused by physical exercise. Associated with rhodiola accelerating the synthesis of ATP, these capsules developed specifically for sports activity constitute an essential element in the energy supply to organic cells. 


Polyphenols from grapes and apples, rhodiola 

Other formats:

Sticks Food Supplement

Clean Label Food Supplements

Keen to meet consumer demands, Bariatrix Europe was one of the pioneers in the nutrition sector to develop Clean Label compositions. So we can meet these expectations by eliminating controversial additives, limiting as much as possible colors, intense sweeteners and artificial flavors to use components considered more natural by consumers.

Customized packaging tailored to your brand

Packaging private-label

From development to each production of the finished product,  nothing is left to chance to ensure that the product contains the desired active ingredients in the desired amounts.

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