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Nutritional vegan products at Bariatrix Europe

Vegan nutritional products

Concerned with meeting consumer requirements , Bariatrix Europe was one of the first companies in the agri-food sector to favor Vegan compositions. To meet this consumer demand, our teams have developed solutions to meet their needs.

With more than 40 years of research and development capacity, our teams of biochemists have developed real international expertise in the development, design and manufacturing of vegan nutritional products

Your customized vegan protein shakes

Your tailor-made vegan protein-rich preparations

Our teams of biochemists and engineers will be able to offer you foods rich in vegetable proteins.


Through a rigorous selection of raw materials, we are able to offer you vegan meal replacements or preparations rich in vegan proteins based on vegetable proteins such as:  


  • Pea protein 

  • Hemp protein

  • Soy protein

  • Pumpkin protein

Establishe expert in plant nutrition, the products we are developing are aimed at both the sports market (vegan sports nutrition) and the dietetic market (well-being nutrition).

Bariatrix Europe expertise

This approach of naturalness is reflected in particular by several points of vigilance during the various production processes.

Thus, it is for our various production sites in France all benefiting from FDA registrations (Food Drug Administration with cGMP orientation), a guarantee of safety and professionalism for the marketing of your products.

Customized packaging tailored to your brand

Bariatrix Europe has a varied capacity for packaging your products. From your graphic files, our marketing department will develop your tailor-made packaging with you.

Packaging Private Label
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