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Nutritionnal Products for Sport

Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition products

Sports nutrition products

The nutritional needs of athletes, whether they are top-level or occasional athletes, translate into distinct needs before - during - and after exercise . It is for this reason that Bariatrix Europe has developed an entire range dedicated to the nutrition of athletes, the objectives of which are:  


  • Repair of muscle mass;

  • Gain muscle mass; 

  • Compensation for losses of water and dissolved substances

To this end, with a research and development capacity of more than 40 years, our company, a true manufacturer of sports nutrition, will be able to develop snacks and products rich in proteins for sportsmen to your private-label brand.

Sports nutrition bars

Often associated with endurance sports, these bars are characterized by the use of rapidly digesting proteins such as whey isolates or even hydrolysates of other proteins.

The importance of mixing complex carbohydrates with short chain saccharides. This is to ensure a gradual assimilation of carbohydrates accompanied by a slight support of protein intake and vitamin fortification (Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B complexes).

For many years, Bariatrix Europe has also been able to anticipate the new requirements of athletes by offering natural gluten-free and organic sports nutrition products. 

Lemon High Protein Bar
Smoothie Banane UHT Protein for Sport

Protein-rich preparation: Sports nutrition and well-being

Easy to digest, protein powders are popular as a supplement to the diet. Highly appreciated for their anti-catabolic and satietogenic effects, these forms of protein effectively contribute to the preservation of muscle mass. But they cannot perform this role without a well-balanced diet in which high-protein preparations are carefully selected to meet the needs of the target clientele.

Combining targeted chrono-nutrition with a judicious choice of proteins at suitable absorption rates is the cornerstone of any sports nutrition or well-being program.

Customized packaging tailored to your brand

Bariatrix Europe has a varied capacity for packaging your products. From your graphic files, our marketing department will develop your tailor-made packaging with you.

Packaging custom private label
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