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Nutrition senior et supplementation proteines

Nutrition senior

Senior Nutrition products

Senior Nutrition Products

The specificity of elderly nutritional needs requires expertise such as ours  when time comes to ensure the well being of this growing demographic through specialized products.


More than ever adequately supplemented targeted diets are shown to promote healthy aging and fight against a number of pathologies.

When time comes to meet the stringent senior nutrition needs, our R&D department  will assist you in developing  specific product lines intended for seniors with specific nutritional needs.

Sugar-free products for the elderly

After having  exceeded expectations in the context of the design of products rich in protein, the R&D team of Bariatrix Europe is just as proud to have created exceptional products for the general consumption by seniors, expanding the reach of its products  with more mainstream offerings.

As an example our brownies and our sugar-free breads will allow you to offer a healthy and natural product line while  considerably reducing one's sugar intake. It's convenience and great taste makes them appealing for the rebalancing of carbohydrate intake, a major obesity and diabetes risk factor.

Sugar-free brownie for senior nutrition
Protein-rich preparations for senior nutrition

High protein preparation for seniors

Seniors have specific needs for protein, lipids, fibers and vitamins . Examples of recommended daily nutritional intakes include:


  • Protein of 1g / kg / day;

  • Nutritional fiber intake of 20 to 25 g / day; 

  • Nutritional contribution of vitamins, minerals and trace elements  


Bariatrix Europe develops senior nutrition products rich in proteins, fibers containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements to contribute to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle incorporating a targeted diet thus overcoming any nutritional deficiency.

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