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Nutritional keto products

Keto nutritional products

The high-fat ketogenic diet or also called keto (low-carb high fat) is a diet aimed at maintaining a minimal intake of digestible carbohydrates while favouring a lipid proportion amounting to 65-70% of the total calorie intake.The more traditional protein-based ketogenic diets differ by replacing carbohydrate intake with protein intake, thus relying on a low-digestible carbohydrates  in combination with protein to shift into ketosis. 

For many years, Bariatrix Europe has also been able to anticipate new marketing trends. This is how our research and development department developed a whole range of nutritional products that fit perfectly into a ketogenic diet such as keto bars, keto bread , etc.

Keto beverages rich in protein and custom-made

Your tailor-made keto protein-rich preparations

The year 2016 marked the marketing by Bariatrix Europe of the first products intended for the new Keto trend. It is therefore with pleasure that today we offer you powder products  2nd and 3rd generation KETO or KETO-FRIENDLY.


Contact us to learn more about the different variations of Keto shakes, soups (Vegan or dairy-based) as well as the exceptional sources of MCTs offered in these products. 

A true expert in plant nutrition, the vegan products we are developing are aimed at both the sports market (vegan sports nutrition) and dietetics (well-being nutrition).

Bariatrix Europe expertise

This approach of naturalness is reflected in particular by several points of vigilance during the various production processes.

Thus, it is for our various production sites in France all benefiting from FDA registrations (Food Drug Administration with cGMP orientation), a guarantee of safety and professionalism for the marketing of your products.

Customized packaging tailored to your brand

Bariatrix Europe has a vast packaging capability for your products. From your graphic files, our marketing department will develop your tailor-made packaging with you.

Custom private label packaging for your products
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