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Chocolate Cookie Sugar Free

High protein bakery products

Bakery products are constantly evolving thanks to consumer demand as well as technological developments. Thus, its R&D department is proud to contribute to the design and marketing of customized high protein snacks such as gluten-free protein pastries or low glycemic index breads regularly consumed in around fifty countries. 

Production of custom-made protein-rich bread

Bariatrix Europe will be happy to assist you in the design and manufacture of your white label protein-rich snacks.


To this end, the development of private label protein breads and croutons may be offered to you, including a range of protein sources as well as a variety of caloric, carbohydrate, lipid or fiber content.

High Protein Bread

Biscuits and Cookies rich in protein made to measure

As part of a weight loss or maintenance diet, our ready-to-eat products such as protein bread, croutons rich in protein or protein toasts allow healthy and healthy snacking .


Thus, with more than dozens of standard references, we are able to offer you a wide choice of bakery products with a long shelf life .

Low-sugar pastries

This standard range is also complemented by products with a low sugar content . These gluten-free and carbohydrate-depleted pastries are perfect for a slimming diet.


As a contract manufacturer and designer we have the ability to offer you a wide choice of bakery products rich in protein and without sugars. 

Clean Label Snacks

Keen to meet consumer demands, Bariatrix Europe was one of the pioneers in the nutrition sector to develop Clean Label formulations. As a contract manufacturer and designer we meet these expectations by eliminating controversial additives, limiting as much as possible colors, intense sweeteners and artificial flavors to use components considered more natural by consumers.

Customized packaging tailored to your brand

Private Label packaging custom
Chocolate Cookie Sugar Free

From development to each production of the finished product,  nothing is left to chance to ensure that the product contains the desired active ingredients in the desired amounts.

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