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Nutritional Wellness Products

Health and slimming nutrition

Sugar Free Products

Sugar-free products

Consumer health is a priority for Bariatrix Europe. It is for this reason that our company has created a whole range of foods without sugars or without added sugars to allow you to develop nutritional products within the framework of a sugar-free diet.

To name a few, our madeleines and our sugar-free breads will allow you to offer a healthy and natural range in order to considerably reduce the amount of sugars in the diet. Ideal for rebalancing carbohydrates, a major risk factor for overweight and obesity.

Preparation rich in protein with low sugar content

Bariatrix Europe has created a whole range of foods without sugars or without added sugars to allow you to develop and market a wide range of products rich in protein and without sugar .

Bariatrix Europe's expertise in terms of sweetening agents also allows us to offer you alternatives to traditional sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, Ace-K) with in particular various sources of Stevia.

Cappuccino High Protein Product
Food Supplement Vitamins


Bariatrix Europe has acquired real experience in the development of nutritional beauty products . Composed of the best nutritional active ingredients available on the market (food or parts of food, nutrients, plants, or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect), selected for their scientifically proven effectiveness. 

Faced with fatigue or lack of sleep, food supplements can help to regain daily comfort. We use many different active ingredients (algae, keratin ...) in order to establish new generation anti-stress food supplements. Bariatrix Europe is a quality partner for the development of your nutricosmetics brand.

Customized packaging tailored to your brand

Bariatrix Europe has a varied capacity for packaging your products. From your graphic files, our marketing department will develop your tailor-made packaging with you.

Production and Packaging Private Label
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